Personal Power Comes From Moral Certainty

Personal Power Comes From Moral Certainty

Personal Power Comes From Moral Certainty

Oct 15, 2023

Whatever it is that has you ambivalent to live in your truth, stems from a trauma or past emotional experience where it was unpleasant or painful for you to do so. These emotional incompletions cause you to detach when you’re in similar situations or circumstances. Life is painful and living is hard...your job is to become emotionally wise so that when you’re faced with life’s challenges you can navigate accordingly. Your job is to do the right thing by you and others whenever presented the chance. My true self is realized when I stand in harmonious and optimal connection to all my “major moral” commitments.  My conscience is Clear, and it is Clean.  I have moral certainty.  I know what I would die for.  I know what I live for.  I’m a force to be reckoned with.  

So, are you ready to unleash your personal power and embark on a journey of self-realization, emotional maturity, and unparalleled success? In this article, we'll explore the keys to achieving personal success, the significance of distinguishing right from wrong, and the transformation of your inner self through emotional intelligence and personal growth. Buckle up for an enlightening adventure!

The Nexus of Personal Power and Moral Certainty

The cornerstone of personal power lies in your moral certainty. However, it's vital to distinguish consensus from wisdom. Wisdom resides at the forefront of our understanding, pushing boundaries and residing on the fringes of our universe. It doesn't linger in the middle or obstruct progress.

Conservative forces may provide stability, but they won't propel us forward. We often fear the future, but embracing vulnerability and the creative potential within us can lead to genuine wisdom and personal power.

Balancing Pain and Wisdom

Our species is not naturally adept at handling pain, but it's a crucial part of our self-improvement journey. Embracing pain and experiencing our vulnerability leads to the spontaneous existence of living in the present moment. In this state, joy is readily accessible, interest flows freely, and desires align with self-realizing goals.

The ultimate challenge we face is our innate aversion to pain. To uncover deeper truths about the world and ourselves, we must learn to dance with our vulnerability and allow our hearts to navigate this painful journey. After all, you can't heal what you "can't" feel.

Hang Out with Your Own Truth

Confronting your truth, no matter how uncomfortable, is a path to genuine wisdom and personal power. This process opens the door to moral clarity and substantial wisdom, leading you to be a more powerful and articulate individual. As you progress, you'll become a moral compass, possess clarity, and discover the abundance of love and emotional intelligence within you.

The Power of Benevolence and Commitment

Embracing benevolence allows you to deepen your commitment to your goals and serve others. Viewing service as a fulfilling calling enhances your emotional maturity and supports your journey to self-realization. In this state, contempt has little chance of tainting your loving heart.

Embrace the Land of Love Without Limits

You know, deep within you, that you are capable of living in a world of limitless love. To dwell in this land, you must take the first step and commit to the path of personal growth. As you commit, benevolence will emerge, reinforcing your commitment and fostering emotional intelligence.

Let your conscience guide you, and watch as love communicates with you more clearly and directly. Remove the blockages preventing others from loving you, often stemming from self-esteem issues projected onto others. Contempt is the root of these blockages, hindering openness, interest, and commitment to others.

Realizing Your True Self

Your true self shines when you align with your major moral commitments, your conscience is clear, and you possess moral certainty. It's about knowing what you're willing to sacrifice for and standing in harmonious connection with your commitments. This transformation makes you a force to be reckoned with, and you're well on your way to self-improvement, emotional maturity, and personal success.

Achieve Personal Success through Personal Power

By embracing the concepts of moral certainty, emotional intelligence, and personal growth, you'll unlock your personal power. This journey to self-realization will lead you to a more profound understanding of right from wrong and pave the way for emotional maturity. Now, it's time to set your sights on becoming your best self and achieving personal success. Your path to self-improvement and a life of abundance awaits!

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